Wednesday, March 4, 2009

in like a lion...

even here in georgia!

judging by the weather today, i don't think we have to wait too long for the whole lamb part!

last sunday we had a real bad storm. it had rained all weekend. then turned to snow. we didn't get much snow, but parts of georgia had a lot. (a lot for georgia.) then it all froze over.

we have a bunch of tall skinny trees in our backyard. i was standing at the sink, looked up, and saw all of them swaying towards the house. it was freaky!

went out and took a few pictures of the beautiful sky. (no photoshop here. don't get me started on photoshop.)

later that night, maggs and i both jumped at a loud noise. went and asked james what it was. upon further inspection we found a tree in our backyard. almost on the back deck.

yay! more firewood!

surprisingly it wasn't the dead tree that james has been eying to cut down. that one was promptly cut down the next day!

in the daylight we noticed we lost a bunch of trees in our woods. hopefully there are still enough there to hide the neighbors once the leaves come back!

also added a link to my photoblog. not sure how long it will last, but we'll see! it seems like the thing to do.

waiting on joshua and ma to get here. also having dinner with an old camp friend and her husband tonight. (laura and andy) cannot wait to see her. it's been a long time!


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