Tuesday, March 19, 2013

two months of hattie!

another one down!

things she likes...
vibrating and bouncing in the bouncy chair.
sleeping next to me.
being swaddled super tight, arms in.
sitting/laying upright against us.
daddy swinging her.

that last one is the best of course! this month brought us first smiles, big ones, silly ones, random ones, ones with little coos to accompany. they are such a joy. especially since this bear of ours can sometimes be a real bear. she's a bit fussy still, but also sleeping a lot. she's treating us real well through the night!

i told james i feel like we are always just trying to get her to sleep so she's not crying.

he said "that's fine. i don't care if she sleeps all the time. she can be awake when she can handle it."

i told him most days, even at 30, i don't feel i can handle being awake! :)


MelD85 said...

What a pretty girl! Love her, and love YOU! Hang in there, Mama, and love the heck out of that little one for me!

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