Saturday, March 2, 2013

three sisters.

i like to call eliza and hattie "first and third"

hard to think about what life would be like with three girls around here.

sad to know hattie won't know her second big sister. not in this life anyway.

i tell eliza we need to tell hattie about delia. keep the reminders there and the stories fresh. i have plans for a delia book for hattie too, my big sister. i want hattie to know all about her.

a year and a half later and eliza still talks about delia often. makes this mama's heart smile, and ache. suppose it will always be this way, but there are bright spots.

me - she (hattie) is a good sister huh?!

eliza - yep! but i like delia too.


me - hattie didn't get to meet delia, so you will have to tell her about delia.

eliza processing... - hattie, you didn't see delia, but you will later!


after asking me to get delia's pictures down off the shelf i told eliza she should show them to hattie.

eliza - this is delia's book, this isn't your book hattie, it's just delia's.


eliza was having a "party" in our room. which means she piles a bunch of stuff on the bed, then arranges, rearranges, sets it all up, rearranges, moves things, then finally tells me the party is ready.

at one point she came out and said "i just covered delia's crib with blankets. it's a surprise when she comes here! after heaven, when she comes later. it's a present."


that last one was hard for me. after telling james about it he said "why do i smile and you frown?" i don't know what to say to her, how to explain that she isn't coming? he told me just to play along and say "do you think delia will love it?" so i tried it, and she got the biggest smile on her face. "she will!"

just another reason i love him.


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