Thursday, March 21, 2013

march madness.

i've always loved filling out a bracket, and thanks to a friend's suggestion i decided to have eliza fill one out this year.

well, when i asked "louisville or round 1 winner?" and she said "round round round win" and then "colorado state or missouri?" and the answer was "minsery" and on down the line. i knew for all 32 match ups she was going to pick the second team i named.

being a boilermaker, my one fear was she was going to recognize "indiana" and pick them, but she stayed true to her repeating ways.

we filled out the entire thing and the only one she strayed from the pattern for was temple, and that's because they have a time at MOPS called "temple talk" everything was "temple talk! temple talk! temple!" after that.

not much fun filling it out when it was so predictable.

so then i decided to use the teams nicknames. i assumed picking between "rams or tigers" "cowboys or ducks" and "bluejays or bearcats" would be more fun for her.

wrong, for the most part she stayed with the same routine. although, she did really enjoy anytime "aggies" was brought up "my friend aggie! i have a friend aggie!"

maybe next year she will put more thought into it!

for now we'll see if iona or temple make it to the finals. (yes, iona is the bottom team on the left side.) and i'll stick to following my bracket.

maybe your kid is less apt to repeat, if so and you still have time, here is the more kid friendly nickname bracket i made...(it should get bigger if you click it.)

oh, and the next day she asked me if i wanted to play her game. she took a crayon, and her bracket "mama, do you want flowers or burp rags? necklaces or blankets?" and so on, taking notes as we went. ha!


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