Friday, March 15, 2013

around here...

hattie got to go on her first wagon ride.
and of course eliza had to come!
we've been working on getting used to not being held every hour of the day!
eliza is into reading, especially her peter rabbit books. she's also really enjoys telling people that these are daddy's. (the bigger ones were his when he was little, and he bought her a set of the smaller ones) the original peter rabbit is her favorite.
hattie is sleeping great at night, except she wants to stay up late and sleep in. sounds like me!
hattie bear got her buddy. eliza, more than any buddy, is attached to her blanket. we'll see if this becomes hattie's thing!
hattie has been working on smiling. not just the sleepy ones anymore!

random story - eliza was cleaning up this game and put the pieces together and said they were mushrooms for me and hattie. she asked if i would take a picture of them and then she pretended to click away too. after the pictures she told me to eat mine and she held hattie's up to her mouth. the imaginative play is in full force around here!

i took a break from paper lullaby right before hattie was born, i've been thinking about starting it back up soon. for now though, i'm enjoying watching these babies grow and learn.
within the last couple of weeks i have heard this saying at least 3 times. beginning to think i was meant to take it to heart. i try to remember that on the really rough days. sometimes it's easier to remember than others though!


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