Tuesday, October 4, 2011


here's the thing that really bothers me when people first hear about anencephaly. it's something not said, but you get a feeling.

when told what causes it (low folic acid) you feel them judging you. "well, why didn't you take folic acid?"

i did. i did for months before i peed on that stick.

it's something you struggle with as a mom. that your body failed. you don't need strangers making you feel guilty too.

but you know what? even though i was sick almost everyday of my pregnancy, throwing up pills and wondering why i took them in the first place. all of the important development already occurred before i even knew i was pregnant. when i was still keeping those pills down.

it's not something i could have prevented.

that's why it's hard to know that next time i have to take a prescription of folic acid. one pill equals 12.5 of the otc kind.

why can't we just start with that? would that have prevented it from happening at all?

we are educated today. we know that you should take prenatals. even though we take them, tragic things still happen.

don't judge women and assume that it's something that they did wrong.

it's not, and you just add to their pain.

october 15th is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. we remember all of those babies that were taken from us too soon.

a group of us online have joined together and are trying to raise awareness about anencephaly. i hate that spell check doesn't even recognize it every time i type it.

people need to know.

we combined the colors from pregnancy and infant loss (blue and pink) and neural tube defects (green)

i drew up this awareness ribbon and we want everyone to know what it means. we want word to spread.

anencephaly awareness.

"there is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."


Ali said...

I had no idea that Folic Acid was the cause and you're right, why could you not just start with that prescription amount of it? We all know you're an amazing mom Shel, no one who knows you doubts you.

momv <>< + said...

we know there is nothing you did, that made this happen. we are all still praying for you to feel HIM hold you,and that you feel HIS presence everyday... delia was and is such a precious gift to all of us:)

Anonymous said...

Don't let these people that have no business or right to judge you hurt you! You are an exceptional person and one of the best moms I have ever known. I am so proud and blessed to have you in my life, wife to my son, mother to my granddaughter, and daughter to me. I love you!

Expressions by Lisa Gupton said...

I know someone else whose son was born with Spina Bifida and had been taking prenatals for over a year. I took prescription ones, but only because the OTC ones made me so sick... sometimes Satan just finds a way to muck things up, no matter how hard we try. God is the ultimate physician though, and Delia is restored and painting us beautiful rainbows.

Lora said...

My beautiful granddaughter Lydia Grace was born with anencephaly 4 years ago. My daughter also received the terrible news at her 20-week ultrasound. Just like you, excited to learn if she was carrying a boy or girl. Lydia lived 28 minutes. She didn't cry. I wish she had. I'm so blessed I was able to hold her. I'm so sorry for your loss. I admire you and my daughter for carrying and loving your babies as long as God let you.

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