Monday, October 10, 2011

still makes me smile.

at some point after that ultrasound i remember thinking "i'm so bummed i will never be able to show her nana and papa's reaction videos"

it was the best pregnancy announcement and we had it caught on film. after we recorded it and laughed over and over i thought "this kid will love seeing this someday."

i thought of them again today. i hope she's up there laughing as i sit here smiling and watching. remembering a time of innocence and pure joy.

you can see them in this post if you haven't.


nancy said...

it was the best!

: )

Big Papa said...

I showed this to Pastor this morning after our Bible study and thought that I also heard giggles from heaven being shared with ours joy.

Mallory Sessions said...

The absolute best reactions. I loved it.

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