Sunday, May 29, 2011

she has a name...

and it wasn't any of them that i had written on the paper and had eliza pick!

i liked those, but it just wasn't right. so i kept searching and tossing out names to james.

i sent him a few over text and got no response. then i found THE ONE! i wanted to text or call him right away, but i was afraid he wasn't going to answer again thus sealing the fate of that name.

so i waited, and waited and waited. by the time he came home i had it set in my mind. "he's going to love it. he has to. it's her name."

i started off by saying "it's different, but high school james would like it!" :)

by the end of the night after the promise of a good back scratch, he agreed.

she's named! and i want to say it all day long.

we started using her name around eliza and inserting it in her bedtime prayers. nana has already asked eliza to spill the beans. hoping she doesn't randomly start saying it!


jackie said...

Yay!! Can't wait to hear glad that you've found the perfect one! :)

Luke and Tammy said...

It's ABBA, right?

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