Wednesday, May 18, 2011

21 weeks.

now i dread wednesdays. with eliza my due date was on a wednesday too. they've become something i have looked forward to for awhile now.

last week changed all i dread them. i don't want to be one wednesday closer.

was thinking about this poem my oldest brother wrote right after james and i had our big break up in 2002. joshUA was with me that night and witnessed what i thought would be the worst night of my life. i had never cried so hard. last wednesday blew that out of the water. (sorry babe!)

How could she ever know so much pain
If not for so much love?
Misguided love
For what have You brought her weary heart down this path, Lord?
I can see the hurt in her tear-stained face
She reaches for friends, for love, for You
To find comfort from this dark, endless night
Let her shambled heart find foundation in You
In You alone
For she has given a rose
Only to receive a thorn
Hold her in Your healing hands
- Joshua Vandercar


Jessica said...


Emily Cook said...

"one wednesday closer."

sigh. It's going too quickly and not quickly enough I guess.

Many thoughts and prayers for you.

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