Friday, May 20, 2011

her name.

it was so easy with eliza. i had her name picked out for years. james had a boy's one picked already. so we were set either way.

when we found out we were pregnant again i told him we aren't finding out the sex so we'd have to talk about girl names.

he never took me serious (he's too stubborn to admit that rockhills can in fact make girls) and didn't respond to any name i threw out. except my favorite of all. that one he had an opinion on and it wasn't the one i hoped for.

i continued to randomly throw out names and the best i got was "it's not so bad i guess" or something along those lines.

then he told me we'd just use our boy name. he is also set on only have two kids. i joked "well...what if it's twin girls!" his solution was that they could share the same name. :P it would be eliza and the ______s. (it sounded like a band)

after our 20 week ultrasound when we found out, and discovered that she was a girl, i had to smile. another girl.

it wasn't until a few days later. after the tears were constant and we were able to joke a bit that i said with a BIG smile and an ornery tone "hey babe...guess what? now we get to think of a girl's name!"

i've been trying to come up with the most perfect name. it is so much harder this time. i want it to fit, but not be too cliche. i want to love it as much as i love eliza's.

we have been tossing around a few. pretty set on the middle name, but can't decide on her first. finally james said "just pick one."

aunt steph had suggested that we let eliza "help" so today i wrote all the names on scraps of paper and lined them up. called her over to see which one she reached for first.

well, she pointed to my number one pick first, but then she actually picked up the one james likes.

what am i supposed to make of that?

(and like last time, we're not spilling until she's here. sorry! feel free to add your suggestions though. :)


jackie said...

Love this!! And I don't know what to tell you about Eliza's name choices...maybe put them both in a hat and have her draw one out? Have her say both and whichever is cuter, keep?! :) Can't wait to hear what it is...I'm sure it will be perfect!

Megan said...

I can't imagine how difficult it can be to decide on a name. Like you said, you want it to be something you'll love forever and ever. Just don't stress it- I'm sure you two will pick the perfect name in time. :) So happy for you guys!

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