Tuesday, February 16, 2010

her name. continued.

right after eliza was born i wrote a post about her name. well, this morning i get a phone call from aunt steph. they recently went and visited (great) aunt mary and my dad's cousin barb and family in tulsa.

while there steph learned that eliza is actually a family name on my dad's side.

i'm not sure i have the dates right but the first occurrence was eliza turner who was born in ireland in 1845. turner is my great-grandma's maiden name. (right?!)

then we learned that my dad's (great) aunt jess' middle name was eliza. when she was born her parents asked her two sisters (one being my great grandma) what they wanted to name her. one said jesse and the other said eliza.

i have heard a lot of stories about aunt jess. the peonies in her yard, her long hair, how small she was (ma said size 4 feet!) and of course about "the ponderosa" (a house my dad rented, it's such a cute house! right down the road from where i grew up)

i was so excited to hear all this. now i just love her name even more. have to add this info to her baby book. even if that's not why i picked her name, she'll definitely hear the same stories!

i love family history.


jackie said...

That's great! After we chose Amelia's name, we found out that Josh's great-grandmother's name was Amelia. For Christmas, Josh's uncle gave her a framed picture of great-grandma Amelia. It was so sweet! It is displayed in her room.

chererock said...

That is "wonderful"...I love family history...so very interesting and informative.

ashley w said...

That's awesome. I've been periodically working on my family's geneology and I think it's so interesting. I have a couple names that are on both sides, so I'm thinking someday down the road they might have to be options.

hope all is well =)

The Farm said...

I love Aunt Mary! Her memory is amazing!!

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