Friday, February 12, 2010


things she likes...
rolling over back to
sucking her thumb. more than just at night now.
her pink bunny.
toys. rattles.
rice and oatmeal cereal.
sleeping on her belly.
wagon rides.
talking. a lot.
blowing raspberries.
smacking her lips.
her fisher price seahorse that plays lullabies. she finally notices it.
sleeping. still.

we slowed down a bit this month. not much excitement. she didn't slow down at all. we spent most of our days at home. a lot of the time was spent rolling her back over once she rolled to her tummy. just in the last few days though she's been happy to be on her belly. she went to her first superbowl party. too bad daddy's team lost. i made a onesie for her because she can't be all colts. she's a hybrid. she has become a lot more interested in maggs too. she grabbed his ear the other day, pants at him, and tries to kiss him back. wish he was going to be in korea with us. i know they'd be best friends!


momv said...

i showed grandma and she loved them, as much as she could see!?!?

nancy said...


now what are you using for your collage type photo sets?

Melaina25 said...

Aren't baby passports hilarious? Calum's came this week!

shel said...

ryan - they are! loved calum's pic with his.

a. nancy - picasa. it's about the only think i know how to use picasa for. :)

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