Wednesday, July 1, 2015

abner is (was) nine months!

and keeping us on our toes!

abner likes...
going from sitting to crawling to sitting again.
standing against furniture.
screaming like he is in a lot of pain when he wants to nurse.
biting everything.
laughing at his sisters.
exploring the house.
banging toys against the floor, a chair, the table.
water...baths or swimming.
hanging out with daddy.

man this is getting harder and harder. he is keeping us so busy, but i also think i just want to prolong his first year. i cannot believe how old he is getting. dude has a ton of teeth. he weighs 21 pounds. as i lug him around it's hard to remember my little 36 weeker. he wants to go so bad. he is all over the place, and trying to cruise around furniture. active guy, but still as sweet as can be! he's happy 90% of the time. so quiet and content. this month was a little rougher though, getting 4 top teeth at once will do that you. extra snuggles and tickles help ease the pain. now, if we could just find a way to stop him from getting too big!


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