Sunday, July 26, 2015

hattie at 2 1/2.

she is intense.

she is a mess.

she is the best 'nuggler.

she is passionate...or just stubborn and dramatic.
she is eliza's shadow and echo.

she loves to love on abner.

she loves to show him that she is bigger.

her prayers are awesome.

her eyes are killer.

her laugh even more so.

she moves at her own pace...her very own, very slow, pace. my little duck always trailing behind.

she is day time potty trained, and goes without being prompted!
her baby is her most prized to food.

this girl can eat, and eat, and eat.

she tries hard to sing her abcs.

she can count to 15...even though i never worked with her.

she knows the colors of the rainbow...also not my doing!

she may be a bigger klutz than me.

she is still a mama's girl. on long drives it's torture that i can't hold her. "i need you! i 'nuggle you!"

but daddy is okay too.

nana is way up there on her list.

sometimes she just needs a hand to hold, an arm to lean on, a leg to grab...physical touch is her thing.

she is learning the ways of the world...especially when daddy is around.

some days it is tough.

i feel like she is older than she is, but i know that is eliza's influence.

she talks a ton and is as crazy as can be...until people come over, or we go somewhere.

she puts on a big front.
(thanks aunt corinne for this shot!)

i feel like songs will be written about her.

she is wild, she is sweet, she is stubborn, she is moody, she is hilarious, she is dorky, she is everything.


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