Monday, December 8, 2014

abner is (was) two months!

i had the pics and the collage all made, and then we spent a week in fort wayne, without my computer, so i didn't get this up. better late than never!

abner likes...
sleeping. during the day, more than at night.
being on his belly.
burping and farting. such a boy.
a good back pat.
his hands near his face.
the vibrating feature on the pack n' play.
the shhhhhh sound.
being held upright.
clean diapers. he freaks as soon as he poops!
abner experienced his first processing a deer experience, his first halloween, where he was a winner at the costume contest, and his first trip to the bowling alley! he started to be more awake this month. still sort of unsure and checking things out with a furrowed brow. when he first wakes up he reminds me of a puppy that can't open it's eyes yet. he is how old, and even still. he'll start to stir, move his head around, snarf, cough, stretch, yawn, go from side to side, all with his eyes just barely closed. cutest thing. he is still rolling (freak!) so we can't leave him places (like that table at the bowling alley, we were next to him the whole time) he loves being on his belly, i think it helps his gas issues. still a joy, and pretty mellow!


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