Wednesday, December 3, 2014

on hattie.

i have had many people ask how hattie likes abner, or how she is handling things, if she is jealous.

well, she has definitely surprised me.

i was so scared when i saw those two pink lines. "but hattie is the baby." "she is such a mama's girl." "she won't even be two, how do people do this?" "i need a bigger rocking chair, i can just see the battles now." "she is mine, james will have to takeover this one." and so on. and on. and on. for almost 9 months.

she spent her first night away from me in preparation for bug coming (didn't want our hospital stay to be the first time i left her, and oh hey! while we were gone, you gained a sibling!) as the one that co-slept for most of the first year, it was weird being apart. we survived.

then came abner, and there my baby hattie went. poof, big girl.

she tries to do everything eliza does.

she parrots everything.

she loves abner so much.

she calls him "ammer"

she loves holding him.

she screams when you take him away.

she loves making us laugh.

she became so much weirder. my sil said it's so we don't forget her, middle child and all.

her eyes are killer, and she knows it.

she thwarts all attempts at discipline by trying to make you laugh.

her smile is over the top too. no cheese has been lost.

she is a snuggle bear.

she is definitely not a fan of animals.

she is gaining independence.

she craves personal touch, but only on her time, and never from other kids.

she is a firecracker.

nana jokes that she determines the mood of the house.

i agree.

two people have said the line from kenny chesney's 'american kids' "sisters got a boyfriend daddy doesn't like." will be about hattie.

she spent much of her life not being a fan of daddy. that has changed.

i tried telling him that she is so his daughter. not just in eyes, but temper and stubbornness too.

he is just realizing how cool she is, and jokes about how he is glad we never sold her.

she is crazy.

she is beautiful.

she has impressed me with her big sister ways.

she is my rainbow, and i am forever grateful.


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