Wednesday, September 5, 2012

hate this...


don't wear the purple shirt, you wore that last time.

and even though it's more comfortable to lie down if your hair isn't up, last time you inhaled a strand during a deep sob and made yourself sick.

don't feed eliza yogurt, wouldn't want the day to begin like that again.

she probably should leave that buddy at home, it was with her that day.

should she even come? she was there last time, what if...

what if...

big ultrasound this afternoon.

big worries from me.

james is calm.

i need him to be.

i struggle with not wanting to look at the screen until she says something, and searching it for relief before she does.

hate that it is this way.


Dyan Hall said...

Sending lots of prayers and love your way!

Anonymous said...

You've got so many people praying for you and with you! You should not be worried! Drink some chamomile tea and do something relaxing before you go! Everything will be ok!!! Much much love! I'll be thinking of you all day! Venusja

We The People said...

Sending lots of prayers for you Shel.Thinking positive for you all!!!

momv said...

so shel i have to share this story with you! last night go to bed at 10:00 no sleep for 3 hours! mind can't stop thinking, can't stop praying.... dad comes to bed, about midnight, in one minute he is snoring... i get up at 1:00 and he says have you slept yet?
he says "have you counted sheep?"
me... of course, i have about 500 of them, it does no good!
he says "were they jumping over the fence?
me... no! and what would you know about counting sheep any way!!!

anyway, sorry to give you the worry gene:) you do come by it naturally
love mom <>< +

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