Saturday, September 29, 2012

mail time!

i know i still have to post her 3rd birthday party, but i wanted to share one of her special presents.

james built her a clubhouse, and while he was worried about just finishing the thing, everyone else (me included!) seemed to fuss over the little details.

"will there be flower boxes?"

"a mailbox?"

"a doorbell?"


and so on.

the answer was always..."no, not yet."

so in stepped aunt whitney to make one of those a reality, and of course, cuteness abounds!

i had told her that we didn't have mailbox plans, but i already thought her address should be 9129 since her birthday is 9.12.09

she remembered, and made some extra fun things for eliza.

an eliza mail bag...some foam envelopes with a velcro closure...and laminated cards and paper. with those came dry erase markers so she could write letters over and over.

yesterday i needed eliza out of my hair for a few seconds so i said "did you check your mail today?" she is always concerned if i don't check the mail every single time i pull into the drive. and the amount of time we spend at the post "hoffice" each week for paper lullaby is a little ridiculous. so this girl is crazy about mail...just like her mama.

she got super excited, ran outside, checked, came in and yelled "nope! none today!"

i told her "maybe you'll get some tomorrow?!"

so last night after she went to bed i made james fill out a postcard and i wrote a note and deposited them in her box.

she was thrilled this afternoon when i asked her if she checked her mail yet.

i can see this becoming a thing!

this card carrying member of the lwa is proud!

i love the details of the addresses and of course, the return address of her bff wowa. (enola)

thanks aunt whit! (aka aunt witty!)


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