Friday, July 29, 2011

honestly...about cousins and sisters.

pardon me while i get a little honest.

you should know...

- i have 3 older brothers. two have kids already, the oldest is expecting their first.

- there are currently 6 grandkids on my side of the family. (3 in heaven and 2 still cooking)

- 5 of them are girls. poor levi is all alone waiting for a boy cousin.

- both of my brothers had two girls first.

it's so hard to see little sisters. to know that we should be seeing eliza with delia soon. it makes me so sad. i always wanted a sister. i'm afraid she will never have one here on earth to run around with. to play dress up with. to share a room with. to giggle and squeal with.

to make things even more complicated and hard for me.

my sister-in-law (who also happens to be a best friend of mine) had her first daughter, enola 7 weeks before eliza came. we joke that they are bffs, and will do anything to make sure they grow up that way. we want them to be close.

we were pregnant again together for a few months this time. they didn't find out what they were having and on april 4th were blessed with a second girl, deandra. at that point we didn't know what delia was, and i said "well, now we have to have a girl. i can't imagine having a baby of a different sex as whit"

as you know we found out about delia's condition and her gender on the same day. i was heartbroken. sad for deandra that she wouldn't get to grow up with her bff cousin. that we wouldn't be able to dress them alike. share stories of their growth and quirks.

and another worry of mine. my two oldest nieces, emma and evia (yes, we have a lot of begins with e, ends with a names. and now we moved on to begins with d, ends with a) are old enough that they will remember this. i cried for emma, praying that God would help her understand. she is so sensitive and has experienced death more times than any almost-8 year old should. she is the little mom. she loves her little cousins so much. i wonder how she will handle the news.

oh there are so many things that make this difficult.

to lighten the mood, and because my last post didn't have pics, i'll include some pics of my favorite cousins and sisters.

the first time the little bffs met. october 2009.

girl talk. april 2010

evia, eliza, emma. february 2010

evia and emma. may 2010

eliza and enola. may 2010

flower children. evia, eliza, emma. june 2010

boiler up! enola and eliza. january 2011.

giggles! eliza and enola. march 2011

evia and eliza. march 2011

enola and eliza. july 2011

enola's 2nd birthday. july 2011


Vanessa said...

<3 Lots of love.

Matt & Michelle said...

i pray God blesses you and gives you your hearts desire. xoxo

Whit and Dave and Enola said...

Thanks for all the pictures, Shel. I'm sad for the space in all those relationships, too where Delia would be. ...and who but God knows what wonderful blessings he has in store for our family in the future? Maybe a boy cousin for Levi? Only after 2 more girl cousins? Another sister for Eliza or perhaps three little brothers? ;)

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