Friday, August 19, 2011

keep moving.

after our month stay in lafayette with my parents it was time to head south. james' leave was over and we needed to get settled. we have an offer in on a house, but we are waiting to see if it all goes through and then it will need a bit of work before we can move in.

where does that leave us? "temporary housing" as james is calling it.

we bunked at dav and whit's for a few days. spent many days at the lake and getting cousin time in. then we moved into an apartment above our friend's garage. we'll be staying here until we find our forever home. it's nice to have our own space again.

we are still sharing a room with eliza though, and it's always funny to see who she decides to make get out of bed in the morning. will it be a "i want daddy." or "mama!"

our first shipment of stuff from korea came today. that completely ruined nap time because it was like Christmas all over again. new toys! she even climbed fell out of her pack 'n play when we did try to put her down. no tears, just a "dank you!" when james rushed in to see if she was okay. :)

we got set up with doctors here. that was quite the battle with tricare, but we finally got it sorted out. we feel good about the care we're receiving and look forward to seeing delia again on an ultrasound next week.

thankful for time with family, old friends, and getting to know new ones.


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