Monday, July 25, 2011


as of the 15th/16th we are back in the states.

there is so much to do before delia arrives. hopefully she doesn't come early. that is one of my biggest fears. we still have to find a place to live and also a new doctor and hospital that respects our wishes and we feel comfortable around. we also get to wait on all our stuff to make it back here and pick up our things in storage from our house in georgia.

i hate transitions and this is the worst time to have our lives all tossed about. i just need stability. i need our own bed. i need comforts of home. our home.

with that said it has been nice being close to family. seeing eliza with her cousins and catching up with everyone. thankful to be back here, even more thankful once we are settled.

i really hope these next 9 weeks drag on and she stays in as long as possible. weird to wish that she would stay in and make me way overdue.

delia has been super active and i'm treasuring every kick and punch. we got to see her in action before we left korea too with one more ultrasound. thankful ma got to be there and that we got video of it all. eliza was too sweet saying "baybee! baybee!"

one thing i am not treasuring are these darn braxton hicks. i hate every single one of them. i feel like each one gets me closer to delivery. not only that but they are just uncomfortable! sure wasn't like this last time around, but bending over, chasing and picking up eliza probably doesn't help!

trying to live in the moment and be still.


sarah said...

I'm with you- not a fan of transition time. Praying for you and your family. So much love.

Emily Cook said...

praying for you.

I hate braxton hicks.

praying for help, comfort, and some sense of home for you guys.... may God uphold you, comfort you, and be your refuge and your home.

jackie said...

Praying, praying, Shel. Many hugs.

ashley said...

thinking of you and sending prayers up. i'm not sure what state you are in, but i have a dear friend that found a lot of comfort during her experience at the IU hospital in Indianapolis.

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