Monday, April 13, 2015

eliza at 5 1/2.

she loves...

ninja turgles...especially michelangelo.
books and comic books (tmnt and mlp)
elephant and piggie.
making things.
coloring, drawing, painting, cutting, gluing.
giving gifts to people. like...all. the. time.
helping with laundry, and housework, and mowing with daddy.
holding abner and being a little mama to hattie. 
following the rules.
ice water.
pop tarts.
picking flowers.
her buddies.
watching teenage mutant ninja turtles, my little pony, wild kratts, curious george, odd squad, transformers, care bears. 
reading chapter books together. (magic treehouse, little house, never girls, anne of green gables)

she does not like...

itchy clothes.
hattie bugging her.
getting dirty, unless she has "messy clothes" on.
"falling down jeans"
and apparently, fancy nancy. she told me today when i asked if we could finish one of her chapter books. i tried not to cry.

favorite recent thoughts, that show how big of a heart she has...

"i want to go back to korea someday so we can show hattie."

"i like when abner smiles at me, because it makes me feel happy inside."


Gardenblogger said...

Your photography is amazing. You probably should figure out how to commercialize a blog... I feel like you would succeed. Ed

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