Wednesday, April 1, 2015

and they were the best of friends...

at least today.

these two really know how to push each other's buttons. this is new territory for us.

eliza is pretty patient with hattie. she gives in. she helps. she cares...a lot.

hattie is...hattie. she adores eliza. she copies every little thing. but she is a firecracker.

as most sisters, i assume, they love each other and then can't stand one another. for example, hattie had to go to time out for not helping eliza clean. eliza started running around frantically cleaning because "my friend hattie needs to get out of time out!"

today, they were all about one another. they were hugging, playing, laughing, snuggling. it was awesome...and weird.

i came out from putting abner down and found them together on the rocking chair. eliza "reading" to hattie, and my heart burst. 

eliza had her arm around hattie, and hattie wasn't screaming!

they didn't fight over the faucet during baths. they took turns. they helped me wash the other. they held on to each other when they had to lay back.

it was all so sweet, but it was also bedtime so i was a little impatient. i didn't really realize how great of a day they had together.

so now, let's back up, last night i escaped to target with a friend. skipped out on dinner and bedtime (ftw!) 

when i got home nana said eliza didn't have her cold blanket, she couldn't find it, but wanted me to look when i got home. this has happened before, and she's usually fine with grabbing another one, delia's is usually top pick. (love that!)

if you know eliza, you know that cold blanket is always around. we've had it since before she was born, and she latched on around 6 months. it's been everywhere. we had a backup (double baby shower, and enola didn't get attached to hers) but eliza could tell the difference. (hattie's is bumpy of course, aka the fabric has pills) so now hattie has it...because she has to be like eliza and no other blanket would do.

well, i didn't find it. she asked once today, but not again. did bedtime and neither one of us noticed that it was still missing. it wasn't until later that i realized i still need to find cold blanket, but wait, she didn't even ask. what? not okay. and i thought is she done with it? that is okay...i guess, but i need to find it, to keep for memory sake. she may not care, but i do! 

so i go on another hunt, the garage, the car, the couches, my bed. i start to climb the stairs and see her bitty baby "dandra" in the playroom. seriously, she all of a sudden doesn't need cold blanket or dandra? when did she get so old?

hunt in nana and papa's room one more time, and found it in the dirty clothes. 

i run in to cover her up with it and drop it near the door. 

well, of course you don't need a blanket or baby doll when your sister is sleeping with you.
my heart has exploded many times, but this was one of the best.


Amy and Mark said...

Read this with/to Nanners this morning. All I could think, "Is anything sweeter than sisters?" All she said was, "Where is their boy baby? Poor brother." I guess she is really meant to be a big sister to a brother. Thank you for your encouraging words a few months ago about being a boy mom, between you and Annabeth I know I can do it! :)

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