Wednesday, November 6, 2013

is it tomorrow today?

it's one of the most annoying questions eliza asks.

also related...

"who is coming here today?"

"where are we going today?"

"which house are we going to today?"

"are nana and papa coming today?"

"are all my friends coming today?"

so, to curb that, i had an idea.

make a calendar for her, and use magnets to fill the days.

obviously kids calendars are nothing new, but i wanted it to be more personalized.

more visual.

so i made these little polaroid magnets. 

a pic of her and hattie outside the library, near delia's brick (at church) deandra and reese (since i watch them twice a week, and most important, daddy's school schedule.

i'm sure i'll be making more as we go on, and adding holiday stickers or what not, but at least we have a start.

the button marks the day, and now i can just say "check your calendar!"

she is still in disbelief that when we lived in korea there were many days in a row that we didn't have someone come over, or go anywhere.

hey? it's my introvert side! i miss those days...sometimes!


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