Tuesday, October 29, 2013

nine months of hattie!

and we are having so much fun that i am slacking on this. :)

okay, a lot of fun, mostly chasing her around.

things she likes...
still me.
eliza, for the most part!
her tongue. holding it, sticking it straight down, curling it up to her top lip, blowing raspberries.
flapping and clapping.
being vocal.
being outside.
the ergo.
her happy apple.
eliza's toys.

i know it should have been eliza that made me really feel like a mother, since she was my first born and all. or delia, since i learned how deep a mother's love can go. but man, this hattie, she really makes me feel like a mama. she needs me...a lot. eliza does to of course, but even when she was a nursing bean, she would flip flop between me and james. hattie just wants me...all.the.time. it's exhausting, but also rewarding. i love hearing her little "mom. mom. ma.ma. ma. mom." even if they aren't with full meaning, just hearing that sound is so sweet. the way she nurses, and her eyes flutter, and her hand grabs her ear, or pulls her hair, or plays with my necklace. the way she looks at me. the way she follows me all over the house. it's crazy, but i love it. she is mine. i am her mama.

this month she grew a couple teeth. ate some more food. really started crawling. cruising all over. getting better at sleeping in the crib. still being spoiled in the night and sleeping next to me. i just can't resist. she is in our room, it's easier, i know it won't be like this forever. her and eliza are getting to be more fun together. eliza has said a few different times that she can't wait for hattie to grow bigger. for a variety of reasons. they are sweet together! hattie is still a big cheese. and now she has added a ridiculous nose crinkle, head tilted back, and showing off her two bottom teeth. goofball.
keep filling our lives with joy sister bear!


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