Monday, September 13, 2010


things she likes...
making it impossible to get a good picture.
pushing things around the room.
her blanket and bunny.
screaming during diaper changes.
fruit of any kind.
yo gabba gabba. (finally let her watch a bit of tv and this one she's hooked on)
crawling around the park.
still growing teeth. (9, 10 and 11 came in without me knowing it, thanks to her amber teething necklace!)
pulling all the books off her shelf.
putting stuff in containers.
showers and baths.
climbing on everything.
getting off the couch face first.
milk. lots of it!
her friend logan.
standing up on her own, but not walking!

busy but fun month! we made some new friends here so eliza and logan have been getting quite a few play dates in. she loves to tease him and steal his blanket, or take his seat. if he sees her she just starts squealing and laughing. such a little girl already! we're no longer nursing. didn't last much longer than 11 months. dropped the night feeding, and then she just stopped asking in the morning. it was so hard for me. definitely growing up! she got 3 more teeth in, but i didn't know she was teething. we tried an amber necklace, a natural pain reliever, and i'd say it works! got a new camera this month, so i was on picture overload! we went down to seoul for labor day and took her to an imax, aquarium, art gallery, wax museum and zoo! she got sick for the first time, had a fever one morning, lots of green snot the last few days. she wasn't into her cake, or any food too much. now we're all sick! she was a pretty happy sick kid though, and she's been extra snuggly! she even slept in my arms a few times! yesterday we celebrated her first birthday with a morning party on oovoo, and a party here that night with our friends. it was a great day! still can't believe she's one!

and all her month pictures. crazy how much they change!


Ali said...

you honestly couldn't have made a cuter baby!! She is absolutely so sweet!

Katie Wollenberg said...

Nate saw the collage of Eliza in her numbered onesizies and said, "She is so creative". I was like I know, she's amazing! :) Eliza is so blessed to have you as a mom. Love.

m said...

thank you!

katie - that is so cute. :)

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