Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy birthday eliza june!

we love you!

we had a great oovoo birthday party this morning, and another one tonight with our friends.

i still have to do her month pictures. they weren't happening today. hopefully i'll post tomorrow! it's been crazy around here!

here are a few shots from our day.

with her picture wall. i had family and friends send us pics and i taped them up to this frame wallpaper.

mama made hat ready for the birthday girl.

officially one!

waiting on the party to start.

party army style. thankful for technology!

her birthday ring that doubles as our advent wreath.

logan has a red chair like this that she always climbs in when we go over there. he got her this one, and she loves it!

what a happy day!


Melaina25 said...

Happy 1st Birthday Eliza!!

momv <>< + said...

wow eliza! your boyfriend already buying you gifts:) love nana <>< +

Anonymous said...

Love that chair! Who sells it?

m said...

it's from a furniture place here in korea!

Anonymous said...

That figures! I'll just have to eye it from afar. :) -Tonia

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