Wednesday, August 25, 2010


- our hhg (household goods) shipment got here monday. we have started to move and get settled a bit more. they brought it in through the window on a big conveyor. we joked that we had to make sure they didn't send the motorcycle up too! i took some video. figured the boys would like to see it. one day it'll be on vimeo or fb.

- eliza is back in her crib, and mostly loving it. the first night she wasn't so sure, but she's doing better!

- she's been trying to take a few steps. for some reason she only gets her left foot going so she starts to do the splits!
- we made some new friends! one of the guys james works with, his wife, and their 19 month old son. mallory and i get along great, and both just really needed to find each other. they are wonderful people! just got here too, so we'll get to spend two years exploring and hanging out!

- this last weekend we went to "herb island" james got to hang out in a bubble for awhile.

- eliza took it all in from above. do you see her?

- i have fallen in love with my nook. james and adrienne both said it didn't sound like something i'd want. with the move though i've been trying to downsize on "stuff" we had boxes of books that we never unpacked in georgia. i think i'll read more this way too! it's awesome! plus i'm saving trees! :)
- the humidity has been killing us!

- we've been playing at the park a lot. there are a few right near our apartment.

- a couple cute videos of eliza i posted on fb. as always there are tons more on vimeo.

life is good.


momv said...

lovin' all the pics and movies:) she's so adorable, everybody keeps asking how you are doing.......thanks for the nana <>< +

krista/ralf said...

i do not understand how your stuff came up that thing. nuts. i also love updates. love you.

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