Thursday, August 12, 2010


things she likes...
throwing toys.
sucking on her fingers.
growing teeth. (well, she doesn't like it, but she sure does it a lot. got 7 and 8 this month!)
reading books. she studies them page by page for quite some time each day.
making it extremely difficult to change her diaper.
standing up in the bathtub.
getting her teeth brushed.
walking on her knees while pushing a box around.
emptying boxes.
feeding herself.
opening drawers.
seeing family on skype.
talking on the phone.
playing on the kneebouncers website.

this was a bit of a boring month. james was gone for most of it. eliza and i went to playgroup every tuesday. also went to the pool a few times. went on our first picnic and just enjoyed each other's company. mostly. she was teething a few days real bad. she got two more teeth on the bottom bringing the total up to 8. she does real great with real food, and does not like to be fed. she has to do it! she started standing up from a squat without holding onto anything. just waiting for her to get brave enough to take a few steps. i think she still has awhile. her hair is growing, getting thicker and lighter. had a couple people make comments about her blond hair and blue eyes. wouldn't have guessed that a few months ago! she is a bit more cuddly and will let me hold her and rock her, or she sits in my lap while she plays. i wish our rocking chair was here so i can really soak up these last few moments of babyhood and nursing. she is still nursing twice a day. i think the teething messed her up last month. she is doing better, and still enjoying it. often signs for more. trying to get her to say milk, but she just signs more then picks at my nursing tank strap! we still don't have all our stuff here, so she's in the pack 'n play every nap and night. i'm so afraid she's going to figure out how to escape. she holds on and tries to walk up the side! she is growing too fast. cannot believe we only have one more of these monthly photo shoots!


mom said...


Melaina25 said...

Blondie Boy has had TONS of fun on KneeBouncers today, including hitting a key combination that flipped the computer screen upside down!

Thanks for posting it though, he loved it :)

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