Monday, May 17, 2010

fat lips and pink shoes.

i tease my ma often of being THAT parent. she was the typical first-timer with my oldest brother. she admits to boiling his toys after another kid played with them, and things of the sort.

her and i have a running joke "haven't you realized i'm a bad mom?"

most of the time this comes after hearing comments about how we need a restaurant high chair or shopping cart cover, or picking up something eliza dropped and not wiping it off before handing it back. things like that. we try to be relaxed about it. (and not in the way that we won't discipline...believe me.)

when it comes to moms i am lucky to have some really great ones in my family to look up to. to me they are the model of the mom i want to be. (you girls are amazing, and i really appreciate your support.) i only hope to be as fun, caring and blessed as they are.

today i actually was a bad parent though. i gave (or let) eliza get her first fat lip. we went to the doctor to get checked out once more before we head to korea. i set her on the floor with some toys as i answered a bunch of milestone questions.

she either leaned forward to start crawling, or was down and trying to pull herself up to the step on the exam table. either way she fell and hit the corner. cue screaming and my cheeks turning red. i scooped her up and noticed she was bleeding a little bit on her lip and she had a red mark and little "L" shaped bruise on her face. (she must have hit the corner)

she calmed down right away, but i just had to laugh when the doctor came in.

yep, just wanted to show off those great parenting skills!

at least she looked fabulous. :)

my new favorite shoes that actually fit. (yes ma, she's my little doll)

and for the record, i was the forth baby, and i think ma did just fine! couldn't have asked for a better mom. i love you!

if you're interested...
8 months
weight - 18lbs
height - almost 27in


mom said...

thanks shel, i loved my career as a mom! you are going to be a great mom, i can see it already:)

mom said...

oh and lovin the pink shoes:) she is going to be the best dressed doll around

Alyssa said...

She made it to 8 months before getting her first fat lip? That is a great accomplishment! :) I don't remember when the boys got their first fat lips, but I would guess it was well before 8 months! All of those experiences build character and help them learn about their environment. She'll be fine, and so will you! Love you! Oh, and cute pink shoes!

krista/ralf said...

haha... as for the dirt factor.. did you get the text i sent you? we learned in school that the more dirt and elements they are exposed to in the first 18 months the less allergy problems they will have later. so let them get dirty! let them play with the dogs and cats! let them eat dirt (in small quantities..)! :) i can't wait to work in pediatrics. i love you. and i love love eliza june. you are such a good mom.

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