Wednesday, May 12, 2010


things she likes...
army crawling. everywhere.
solid food...but not the mama made kind. (stinker!)
baths. she gets mad when she has to get out.
bugging magglio.
eating books.
feeding herself puffs.
talking. saying da-da. (james likes to think she's talking about him, but i'm not sure yet)
grinding her teeth.
exploring. getting into things she shouldn't.
wagon rides.
being outside.

spent a good part of the month in indiana. got to see a ton of family and friends. tried out cloth diapers for the first time. we like them a lot. now we just need to find the money to purchase them! she started crawling when we were in indiana, and there is no stopping her now. she army crawls and everyone at church thinks that is just so funny/appropriate. she gets stuck on chairs and her highchair a few times a day. she notices people on skype and gets real excited. she still hates to snuggle, but will let me wear. she just started pulling herself up. she's been successful a few times. she's very determined and also very stubborn! she has 6 teeth now. the 4 on top popped up within a few days while we were in indiana. she loves to eat real food, and is only nursing about 4 times a day. the food helped her get back to her regular sleep pattern. she's back to going 11 hours, nursing and then sleeping for another 2. we are all thankful! can't believe it's been 8 months!


mom said...

love the pics:) love her! she can't get any cuter!!! nana <>< +

mom said...

oh and how did you get her lay on her back that long:)

Heather Poet said...

Such a cutie pie! I love the photo montage... and all her looks ;)

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