Wednesday, January 27, 2010

right now, in ten.

i started this post inspired by soulemama, but before i could get all the pics taken i was also tagged my vanessa. they are sort of related so i'll just cheat and combine them!

my attempt at capturing our right now in ten words and photographs.










and 10 things that make me happy.
1. james and the way he loves me and eliza.
2. eliza and her smiles and laughs.
3. maggs and jude and their snuggles.
4. family and their support. especially when we're far.
5. friends and FIF. for keeping me laughing and always being there.
6. our church family. for being so kind and a break from the week.
7. our little town and the mayberry feeling.
8. coca-cola. i'm trying to cut down, and realizing how much i love that stuff.
9. me time. especially baths at night.
10. pictures. taking them, looking at them, printing them...

what are your ten?


vande2 said...

the most amazing husband. smart little type A. crazy ballerina. train-lovin' little man. crazy family. crazy old farmhouse. cheesecake. white t-shirts. jeans. cowboy boots.

oh, and you. :)

krista/ralf said...

phenie. dandelions. being-an-aunt-to-be. hitting-snooze. bubble-bathes. mexican-food. nursing-school. reading-nontextbooks. sunshine-house. refrigerator-friends.

nancy said...

only ten?

krista/ralf said...

up- date. :)

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