Tuesday, January 12, 2010


things she likes...
her hands. it was hard to get a picture of her with them not in her mouth!
chewing on anything.
sucking her thumb.
sophie. the teething giraffe.
standing up. with help of course.
sitting up. again, with help.
watching magglio.
sleeping, and finally taking naps!
watching other kids.
being naked. (we're hoping this changes)
rolling from her tummy to back.

i can't believe how much she is growing and learning. i read something about how in the 4th month they realize that they aren't actually a part of you. when you hold them they don't mold their body to yours. that made me so sad! she definitely acts more like a baby, and not a newborn. we've had many comments about that too!
this month brought...her first Christmas, first new year, wagon rides, playing with toys, rolling over, her first passport picture, and her 7th 10 hour ride in the car.


momv said...


Dyan said...

she is so adorable...

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...
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Anonymous said...

ahh! she is beautiful! thanks for the korea update. This week is insane, but maybe we can chat next week and catch up?

Love to all!
<>< a

Anonymous said...

She makes me smile in every picture you post of her! So very precious! Love and Hugs! Cheryl

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