Thursday, July 3, 2014

american girls.

it started with eliza at vbs for the morning, a cooperative hattie, those piggies and this picture.
then i couldn't help but turn it into a photo shoot. i haven't edited any of these, but i couldn't wait to share.

 nana asked if hattie could get any cuter. i replied "yep! just add piggies!"

 she is crazy about these sandals...and i am too!

 girl loves her belly.
 and with that, she was done. until after we picked eliza up. she loves this rock, and thinks she is big stuff when she can stand on it.
 eliza wasn't thrilled that they both couldn't stand on it.
 hattie wasn't happy that she had to share her rock.
 this is all eliza. she was born to be an older sister. the way she talks to hattie, melts me.

 they always make me wish i had a sister.

 hattie is pretty smitten with eliza too. although lately she has been getting a little annoyed. :)
 oh eliza, this should be a fun shoot!

 this is her "singing stomp" (stump) she was having a hard time keeping her arms down by her side. girl has flair.


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