Sunday, April 13, 2014

holy week.

this past week was my baptismal birthday, and also one of my Goddaughter's. as i thought about her, i also thought about how, as Godparents, we slack. i felt like we don't do enough, we don't talk enough, pray enough, share enough, encourage enough. part of this feeling is that i know they are getting a good foundation at home. why should that stop me though?

so i wanted to do something special. with Holy Week approaching i had seen a few things pop up on pinterest. the first was from here. and it completely inspired me. i wanted to use that, jazz it up a bit, and add a simple book to go along with it.

which made me remember this nice trick. a mini book out of one sheet of paper. eliza loves when i make her a few blank ones of these. i need to make a few more and keep them in my purse for any time we are stuck waiting.

How to Make Books, by Esther K. Smith, illustrations by Lindsay Stadig

so off to photoshop. thanks to some google images i created this file. which then with some folds, and one cut, turned into the perfect size book for little kids. the information for each day was kept basic, but then i added bible verses so their parents could dive deeper if the kids needed/wanted more.

then it was time for the boxes. most of the supplies were things i had at home. (i have such a random craft supply, doesn't everyone have tiny step stools for shorty Jesus?)
i ended up putting together 8 of them, and spent less than $10. i was pretty proud of them, and already have seen excitement over them. a friend said "sort of like a nativity, but for easter" i know how much eliza loves her nativity, and it's nice to have something for her to look at and touch during this very special week.

looking forward to using this as part of our easter tradition for many years.

so, to kick off. it's palm sunday! we remember Jesus riding into jerusalem, the branches waving, and shouts of "hosanna!" made a simple palm leaf to place next to Jesus.
next we remember the last supper, on maundy thursday. (this is where the step stool came into play, since i made the table too tall by flipping the lid over) i used some red tape to attach the folded piece of bread and wine, and had it pop up.
 then good friday. what a hard day to explain to kids. to help them realize the power of it. i wanted to add part of the painful story. so i searched for something to represent a crown of thorns. settled on some hemp that i twisted all up and hot glued to keep from unraveling. then, on the bottom of the box, i painted calvary hill and the cross.
that evening Jesus can then be wrapped in cloth and placed in the tomb and covered with a stone. where he rests until that wonderful morning!

easter! empty tomb! He is risen!
looking forward to that day, and sharing the great news, with eliza, hattie, all our Godchildren, and people everywhere!

if you would like to download the mini book, here is the link. personal use only please! and make sure you print "actual size"

do you have any holy week traditions? always looking for fun activities to do with the girls, or use in sunday school!


KrazyCricutKid said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing!!

Unknown said...

I would like to share this with 10 families at our church. Is that ok? I will post your blog link at the bottom. Thank you!

james and michele said...

certainly! and you're welcome. blessings!

Unknown said...

Michele and James,
This is amazing. May I please share with our grade 1-2 Sunday School. I'll be sure to provide credit to your creative gifts :)

Jill said...

Love this! I made it today, but I cut off the bottom of a blade-type clothespin (with "legs") for Jesus. I also added a nail and a piece of sponge for more of the story. Thanks for sharing!

james and michele said...

oh good ideas jill! i'll have to add to mine. thanks for sharing! and hope you have a happy easter!

james and michele said...

and yes sarah! sorry, i forgot to come back and reply. of course you can! blessings!

janey said...

Thank you so much, this is a wonderful idea. I love all the different bits other people have added on. Peace be with you.

kristen said...

Thank you for sharing this! Just made one for my kiddos who will love it.

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful !!!
I LOVE this!

Unknown said...

Could I have permission to print your booklet for our Easter Event that we do with our 4th graders at our church? There are less than 40 kids. Thank you for considering!

m said...

yes you may! thank you for asking, and enjoy!

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