Sunday, March 28, 2021

My hands.

 What did these hands do before?

I sit and catch my hands folded, always ready for a quick prayer. 

I’ve noticed this happening more and more and it reminds me of my grandma. 

Then I wonder, what did these idle hands do before. 

Before they held the hand of a first love.

Or a soldier boy on leave. 

Before they had a band on them in wedded bliss. 

These hands held a baby full life. 

And another as she breathed her last. 

They held the hands of two toddlers at once. 

These hands aren’t currently needed for holding on to babies, although they soon will be again. 

But what about before? 

Before all that? 

What did they do?

They must have been empty...waiting. 

Thank you Lord for filling them so greatly. 

(And now I have Jewel stuck in my head.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hattie and Abner...

also called "the tweedles"

I wrote a bit about them a few years ago, and not much has changed.

They are still inseparable. Occasionally, now that Eliza is home schooled she will mix things up, but a lot of time it is these two.

It is mostly cute, but we recently started calling them The Tweedles, fits.

This name popped up after they had the grand idea to make homemade Sprite. The recipe? Water and hand soap. I found them in the kitchen eating watermelon to try and get the taste out of their mouth. Oh Tweedles.

Many times I have to remind Hattie that she is not his mother. It is so hard for her to understand that.

We had a few more years together before Eliza was home schooled, and sometimes I miss those days. With my two buddies.

The dress up days.

The snuggles.

The never ending play.

Wild imaginations.

And BIG love.

Abner refused to leave her side when she began Junior Kindergarten. Always sitting across from her. Never realized it was a problem, until we found out he only recognized his letters and numbers upside down! 

She went through a big phase of rocking him, calling him her prince, tucking him in, and singing lullabies. 

She was born to fuss.

Recently Abner talked about what would happen if James and I died, and Eliza was already an adult "Hattie and I would just have to live together until she got married."

They have never looked anything alike, but today Eliza was asked if they were twins. Nope, just The Tweedles.

If only everyone had a best friend that loved them as much as these two love each other.

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