Thursday, May 12, 2016

why i color (and paint!) in my bible.

i started this endeavor thinking about seeing handwritten notes of my grandma's and journals from my nanny (great grandma) i envisioned my daughters (or son!) future granddaughters (or sons!) finding this bible and growing closer to Him. i wanted to leave notes for them. passages to reference, memories about certain verses. "we used this at your sister's funeral" "this was read at our wedding." "remember this, even in the hard times..." "this is my favorite!" i wanted something to pass on. 

journaling is so intimate, but i feel the push to at least share the illustrations. if one person is inspired, then it's worth it. i poured over images for almost 6 months. then sat with an empty bible for another few months until i got the courage to make that first mark. i stayed in the margins for awhile, but once i ventured out, there was no turning back. i still want to make sure i can read all the scriptures. it's not my only bible, but i'm not sure james could handle if i did anymore. ;)

if i had one piece of advice it would be to just dive in. open up your bible, grab a marker or paintbrush and just drop it anywhere. get that first mark over with! i am such a perfectionist, and this has been so freeing. one thing that i can just let go, shrug my shoulders, and know that it doesn't matter the outcome of the illustration. what matters is what i gain from it. from the process. from the studying. from the One that gives me art. He gave me this, and His word, and this is how i choose to spend my time with Him. definitely learning more and asking james more questions, and finding myself craving bible studies. 

i've been so inspired by others, thought i would pass it on, and maybe spark something. here are some of my favorites i have done. a few are copycats from ones i found on instagram, pinterest, or the journaling bible community. 

i love the feeling of stumbling upon something at just the right moment. i love when eliza asks if she can draw something. i love hattie asking if i'm reading my bible. i love looking up and seeing abner peeking at me over the table while he colors. just being an example to them. i want them to always know where to turn. 

need to add nebraska!
one of my favorites.

product of girls' weekend.

my second entry.

my first double page complete. (done at separate times)

eliza's first. it was so scary to let her go, but i am so happy i did!
this one will always be special.

documenting a crazy 7 days in april. so many emotions.

my first entry. those flowers were on the bulletin at delia's funeral, and that was a verse that resonated with us.


Amy and Mark said...

1. They are all beautiful.
2. I am now meditating on "praise the One who breaks the darkness." How awesome is our God?!
Thank you for sharing your art, your heart, and His word so beautifully.

sarah said...

such beauty- in these pages and radiating from you, shel. something i've always admired about you :) thank you for sharing! a dear friend gifted us (well, ruah) with a journaling bible and I've been dragging my feet to start in on it. i think this is my push! much love, dear sister.

Susan said...

Really beautiful!
I'm curious though, how does the paper hold up?

Susan said...

Really beautiful!
I'm curious though, how does the paper hold up?

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