Monday, November 3, 2014

abner is one month!

hard to believe he has been here that long already. (he's actually 6 weeks by the time i am posting this) especially since he wasn't supposed to come until the 14th of october.

abner likes...

being on his belly.
being worn in the ring sling.
sucking his fingers or thumb.
our bed.
peeing all over the place. (yay boys!)
laying on the floor.
being swaddled...and breaking free.
music...especially our song.
being burped.

it was a busy month, but such is life for a little man when he has two older sisters. life did not slow down! he has been to story times, target, a campground, to fort wayne a few times, target, a few restaurants, the park, post office, target, birthday parties, church, target. the list goes on. he has mostly been asleep for all of these outings. dude loves sleep. i keep waiting for him to wake up one day, but it hasn't happened yet. he does have more alert periods, but overall, he's sleepy. and grumbly. he grunts all the time. life is rough you know, all that sleeping is hard! he has slipped right into this family, and into our hearts. some of my favorite times are when eliza, hattie and i are crowded around, and the kisses and squeals just escape. he is a lucky little man to have the hearts of us three girls!


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