Sunday, March 23, 2014

hattie update..

since i failed at keeping up with her monthly posts. i am not going to blame her being the second kid and not as exciting. if she wonders why i failed, i will tell her "because all i did was hold you, or pull you off of me, or let you crawl all over my lap. you didn't give me time!"

so at 14 months...

she finally has her 7th tooth coming in. she pretty much has had 6 teeth since she first popped them.

she refuses to walk. she took steps at 13 months, but barely has done it since.

she will however use the potty. if i let her crawl away with a diaper off, or before her bath, she goes straight to it. she has had quite a few successes of both :ahem: varieties.

she is down to one nap and went from my worst napper to my best.

she hasn't nursed in a few weeks, but she still paws at me.

side note - would love to have nursed longer, but we had a surprise. baby number 4 is coming in october!

she loves to give kisses and has a hilarious duck face when she does.

she folds her hands anytime she hears the word pray.

she will eat almost anything, and she eats a ton at a time.

she is such a mama's girl. i feel bad because if i am around she barely lets anyone else hold her.

she says "cheeeeese" whenever she sees a camera.

she has mastered the stairs and if she is in a blanket sleeper it's a little scary to watch. she goes so fast, and i'm pretty sure just slides down the second half.

eliza still makes her smile and laugh nonstop. she also puts up with eliza when she insists on rocking her and singing a lullaby. :heart melt:

refuses to use signs, and would much rather just shriek at us.

has a temper, but it usually passes quickly. overall she is extremely joyful.

she babbles a lot. i was worried that eliza would just speak for her, but she talks a lot. she gets right in your face and just babbles away like you understand her. i love this stage. it cracks me up when she does it with her hand under her chin. looks so old.

i have said it many times, but i just cannot imagine life without hattie. she has brought so much joy to our family!

why 4 has been the most challenging age.

and a good example of why i may need to be committed when all is said and done.

eliza - did you make your shirt mama?

me - no.

eliza - well who did?

me - i don't know. i bought it at a store.

eliza - what store?

me - i don't remember.

eliza - what was the name of it?

me - i don't know.

eliza - just tell me.

me - i do not know!

eliza - was it target?

me - I DON'T KNOW!

eliza - it was called "i don't know?"

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