Friday, January 3, 2014

a conversation with eliza, about her being in my belly.

sometime last year, around when the sunday school covered the story of jonah, and hattie was born, eliza and i talked about her being in my belly.

she said "and you just (s)pit me out?"

another time, while listening to the "curious george" soundtrack, i told her that i would play that for her. it would really get her moving and dancing in my belly.

yesterday, as i sorted through boxes that have been in storage, i came across my journal i kept for her.

i called her over and we looked through it together. i read her a few letters. she looked at the pics of my growing belly, and every page flip was met with "oh my gosh! oh. my. gosh!"

she saw a picture of cupcakes from the shower and said "and you ate those? and then i got them in my belly?!"

i pointed out her waving in the ultrasound pic, we talked about my first miscarriage, we looked at pictures of our first home. 

it was nice. just what i imagined.

this time we didn't talk about the music i played. so i was surprised, and laughing at the next part.

james came in for dinner and eliza told him about what we did, so fast, and full of giggles that he couldn't understand her.

"and i was in mama's belly, and she listened to george musgick, and then she spit me out, and i was a dancing baby!"

the image of all of that? hilarious.
me and my bean.


Amy and Mark said...

I had to laugh! Eliza's view of the world is such a great one! I pray she always keeps her sense of awe and wonder.

Thank you for sharing your sweet Mama words. You are such an encouragement.

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