Thursday, September 26, 2013


today eliza took one of those mardi gras bead necklaces and placed it around my neck.

then she pulled on it and stuck her head through it.

we were thisclose and bonking heads.

giggles followed and she said "mama! we are togedder!"

i wrapped my tired arms around her back. dipped her down. brushed her hair away with my face. smothered her with triple kisses.

more giggles.

"deandra! look! me and mama! we are togedder!"

i held her close (because she had no other choice, i still would have though...if she let me)

looked at her and said "together forever?"

giggles. "maaamaaa. togedder!"



"together forever?"


"togedder...for a little while."


"for a little while."

and this mama's heart dropped a little.

and i got a glimpse into how my ma felt when she 1-2-3-4 times watched her babies hop on the bus on their first day of school. and 1-2-3-4 watched them drive away in their car. and 1-2-3-4 moved them in at purdue.

and i understood. as much as a mama of a 4 year old can.

these days won't be forever.

oh, but for now, i will be togedder with my giggly bean.

a few of my favorite moments together...



Amy Riley said...

Oh Shel, little does she know it's forever - in a Mama's heart!

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