Sunday, September 29, 2013

i can see it.

eliza has been complaining of monsters lately.

the funny thing is she usually can't hide her smile when she comes out to tell me that she thinks there is one in our room.

it's pretty cute, but can get annoying quickly.

thankfully, so far she is satisfied with "monster spray"

this morning james and i had quite a laugh. when he got up to get ready for church it was still pretty dark out.

she had crawled into bed with us at some point.

when she woke up and she exclaimed "i can't see! i can't see, mama!"

at first i said "open your eyes!" then realized she was talking about how dark it was "you look black mama! i can't see!"


after that we stayed in bed for awhile. james was in the bathroom, and the light from there was making a shadow of our overhead light on the wall.

she said "heeeey! who is that upside person up there?"

it was hilarious because it was so casual. totally normal to have an upside down person on the wall.

the ring around the light was shadowed also and she went on...

"he just has line ears."

this 4 year old thing is pretty trying, but also pretty awesome!


momv said...

i love her and her imagination:)

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