Monday, September 23, 2013

eight months of hattie!

and we are having fun! even if she did not want to get her picture taken.

things she likes...
pulling up to things.
being outside.
being close to me.
being able to see me.
touching me. ha! see a pattern?
chewing on her tongue.

another month of hattie bear. she is the sweetest thing! mostly happy. still with a ridiculously large smile. just mild mannered and a joy. but oh can she flip it! it doesn't happen a whole lot, but she has triggers. mainly if i walk away or put her down. she is a sensitive one. especially to noise. papa is too loud for her sometimes! she has been exploring the house a lot. swimming all over and checking things out. she is very interested in maggs. he is not so thrilled with that! eliza is learning what to keep off the floor! this month both girls got sick so there were extra tears, extra naps, extra snuggles. we also celebrated both of her sister's birthdays. which meant she had two helpings of pancakes! she mostly just wants to nurse, not too interested in food yet, but once in awhile she will go to town on something. maybe this month she will enjoy it more! i really don't mind though, she has always been a great nurser. i enjoy stealing her away for a few moments and snuggling in bed away from all distractions. it's hard for her not to watch eliza!
love pulling out eliza's old clothes, and finding some of my favorite comes cooler weather...and jeans and cardigans!


momv said...

she is the sweetest thing:)

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