Thursday, April 25, 2013

three months of hattie!

how is that possible?

things she likes...
sleeping. at night better than naps.
holding her up in a sitting or standing position.
being outside.
sucking her hands.
watching eliza.
stretching out.
being swaddled.
drinking from a bottle. been pumping more than i ever did with eliza. she's an impatient nurser at times.
her orange bunny.
going places. seems to be less fussy when we are out and about.

a few firsts this month. first easter! first road trip! (we went to georgia and she was a champ in the car.) first visit to an aquarium. (stopped in gatlinburg on the way back home) first orange snuggle bunny from krista. eliza loved hers, and so far hattie enjoys it too. something about the nubs they both loved to suck on. ha! she also got to go to 3 birthday parties for 4 friends. it was a fun month!


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