Monday, April 8, 2013


hattie is finding a little bit of hers. the girl that hated to be put down is learning that life isn't so bad when you're not being held.

i said before we never planned to co-sleep, but it just worked for us. she is a huge snuggler. eliza wasn't so i soaked it up...most of the time.

then i'd wake up sore from staying in the same position all night...i missed snuggling james...maggs was already in our felt crowded at times.

plus i wanted her to go to bed before we do, and that just wasn't happening.

i reminded myself that by 9 weeks eliza was in the crib in her own room, so it was probably okay to transition hattie.

first step...remove the pack 'n play with the vibrating bassinet.

next...bring in my old's more crib like.

but it needed a new sheet. so i got to practice my sewing fabric skills. i'm usually strictly a paper sewer, but only because i'm intimidated.

i followed this tutorial online, and it worked!

i was so proud.

then it was getting her used to being on her own.

after a day of trying over and over for naps, she was doing good.
and now, a week later, we can lay her down drowsy and many times she will fall asleep on her own.
she's even been in there wide awake just staring at her pinwheels i made.
james was gone for a men's retreat this weekend and i looked forward to some night snuggles. waited for her to get up to bring her in bed with me, and the stinker was perfectly content to stay in her crib.

not complaining on the extra sleep, but that night maggs decided to sleep with eliza so our bed was extra empty!
last night i had to laugh and say to myself...that's motherhood...waiting for your baby to get to the next stage...then being sad when they do.

off to pack her bags for college. :sigh:


Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, don't pack for college yet......hide those suitcases. Love every minute while they're little because one day they'll grow up and pick a college in a different state. Spreading their wings just like you taught them :) Love, Kimm

Dee Wilcox said...

Aww, I love this. I can't believe how well she sleeps, though. I'm super impressed. Do you keep the bassinet in your room?

james and michele said...

dee - yes, she's still in our room, and since we haven't finished renovations, our three year old is too! she has a nook in our closet. no doors on it and it fits a twin nsize matress! she loves her "bedroom"

and of course after i wrote this james was home and they both ended up in bed with us...the dog too!

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