Thursday, April 4, 2013

around here.

i had a 30th birthday. there was green beer, and lots of vomiting. not because of the green beer, because i had the flu. :(
she insisted it was her birthday too...everyone played along and sang to both of us!
james jumped too high.

okay, actually they started work on the dormers.
eliza watched, disgruntled and confused.
there were men in large tool belts.
the girls played dress always.
she turned into a funny little emo flower.
hattie met many cousins at her first sunday dinner.
there have been no shortage of snuggles and smiles.
we celebrated Christ's resurrection and hattie's first easter.
 that silly bunny hid baskets buckets in the toy box and hammock.
eggs were hunted.
babies were held and basketball was watched.
new kites were flown.
life was enjoyed.


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