Friday, March 8, 2013

tell me...

this phase passes quickly.

today the couch is a boat.

all the junk?

"just getting things ready for the party. the balentine (valentine) party on my boat. it's balentine's day on my boat!"

she has "parties" every day, in our bed, her bed, the couch.
here is the thing though, she spends all morning pulling stuff out, rearranging, and setting up, but no actual party.

she will say over and over, "you coming to my party. it will be great!"

she wraps things up in blankets. they are surprises and occasionally you will get to open one as she watches in anticipation. 
(the rare occurrence that we actually partied.)

she just piles...all day long, and i let her because it keeps her busy, but then it takes the other half of the day cleaning up.
this pile of books was carried back one by one. after an hour and a half we had to leave for church.
it drives me crazy, but is also quite entertaining. especially when she whispers the whole time because hattie is sleeping.
 (inviting friends)

this girl and her social life...should we be scared?!
never mind...don't answer that!


Stephanie Hildebrandt said...

i love her imagination. i took countless rides in tate's bed, i mean boat, truck, etc. :)

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