Tuesday, February 19, 2013

one month of hattie!

hard to believe it's time for these posts again. where has the month gone?

things she likes...
being held...all the time.
baths and showers, until it's time to get out.
sucking. we gave in and let her have a pacifier every now and then. she would love to suck her thumb, if she could only get control of her hands!
laying upright on your chest. she's struggling with gas and reflux so this seems to help.
being on her tummy.
co-sleeping. didn't mean to do this, but she loves it...and i do too.
snuggles...all the time.
being worn.

life is busy when you have an older sister. hattie has already gone to storytime at the library a few different times. we've been to church every sunday. bible study on mondays and wednesdays, and mops on tuesdays! she has mostly slept through everything! we do find her awake more often, but many times she is a little mad. it seems i have passed on my stomach issues to her. :( hopefully it's a phase that passes quickly! hard to see her in pain. overall it has been a great month, she slipped right into our family, and we can't imagine life without her! eliza is still just smitten with her and couldn't love her sister more!


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