Saturday, January 19, 2013

hello world!

i'm hattie jo!



19 1/2 inches

36 1/2cm head


crazy amounts of hair...all over!


J+A Vandercar said...

what a beautiful family picture! soaking up all the lovely pictures people are sharing, and praying for a wonderful start for miss hattie jo and all of you as you transition to life with another beautiful baby girl! much love. i hope hattie loves being a january baby. once Christmas craziness dies down, it makes long winters seem so much more exciting when you've got a birthday celebration to look forward to! i think she and i will be buds. =0) Love.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the beautiful baby girl! So much pink/purple in your house. lol If she had been born a few days earlier she could have shared a birthday with Dominic (the 16th). Enjoy your blessing :) Love,

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