Wednesday, January 16, 2013

evil little manipulator.

otherwise known as my sweet 3 year old eliza june.

she's been sick the last few days and we have had some rough nights. i think she's trying to prepare me for life with a newborn...or remind me that she is still my baby and in control.

night before last was awful. between her and the beautiful blessing kicking me in the bladder, i think i saw all hours (and a lot of 1/2 hours of the clock)

last night was better. she went to sleep easier, but by the time i climbed in bed i just sat there waiting for her to wake up. knew it had to be coming soon.

prior to me coming to bed she had few complaints "i have boogers" "i not a baby! the baby in your belly. and one that really cracked me up "dandra hurt me" (dandra is her bitty baby doll) it was quite upsetting to her. not sure she was fully awake for those last two.

i finally passed out myself and then it just got annoying/comical for anyone not involved.

4:24am - she yells out "I'M THIRSTY!"

i jumped out of bed and saw she wasn't awake, but wasn't too annoyed because i had to pee anyway.

4:40am - "I'M THIRSTY!"

wait to see if she goes back to sleep, she yells a few more times, so i get up and help her. tucked her back in and since i'm a smart mama i anticipate that she'll start whining for her hankie. and since i'm a really smart mama i have pinned her hankie to her bunny so it's easier for her to find when she drops it. so i shove him in her hands and tuck him close to her chin, and tell her she should be able to cover herself, she's a big girl. she says "thanks" and i head back to pee since it's been a whole 16 minutes and i'm due to go again soon.

then the evil little manipulator comes out.

"are you in your bed mama?"

"not yet, i'm peeing."

:waits a few seconds:

"are you in your bed mama?"

"not yet."

:slowly walk back to bed:

"are you in your bed mama?"

really, are you actually waiting for me to lay down so you can ask me for something else?

"go to sleep eliza."

4:43am - 4:52am

footsteps running to the bathroom

grabs drink

sets drink down

whispers "i'm a big girl, i cover myself!"


"eliza, i just gave you your bunny, find him. turn the light on if you need to. i'm not getting back up, i just tucked you in."

light on.

light off.

light on.

light off.

light on.

"what are you doing?"

"i have to pee!"


"you didn't flush mama! i flush for you!"

grabs another drink.

more whining about boogers.

light off.

light on.



light off.

frustrated mama.

crying child.

"i'm sorry mama."

"i love you."

"i love you."

4:53am - really shel? you have to pee again?!


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